"That chapter (captaincy) is already closed..."-Gavaskar lashes on Virat Kohli's 'Only Dhoni Texted' comment

Sunil Gavaskar made a furious reply to Virat Kohli's 'Only Dhoni Texted' statement in the press conference after the India vs Pakistan match of the Super 4 stage in the Asia Cup.

Virat Kohli's statement

On being asked about the experience after stepping down from the captaincy, Virat said that no one else MS Dhoni got in touch with him during that time. He stated, "I can say one thing when I announced my resignation from Test captaincy, I got a message from only one person with whom I played earlier, that is MS Dhoni. Many people have my number...many people give suggestions on TV...but the people who had my number, nobody messaged. The respect, the connection that you have with somebody, when that is genuine, it shows this way."

Sunil Gavaskar's statement

Now legend Sunil Gavaskar came up with a furious reply to Kohli's statement. He commented that Virat should have announced the names of the players who didn't get in touch with him.

Gavaskar said, "I don't know what the dressing room inside situation was with all these other players. Ideally, if he has named one person who got in touch, then maybe the other persons who didn't get in touch should have also been named. That would have been a little bit fair to everybody concerned, rather than thinking that everybody else didn't get in touch with him" on a chat with India Today.
In another interview with Sports Tak, Gavaskar kept on fuming over this statement. He said,
"What message did he want?" he questioned. "Encouragement? But then he is done with captaincy, so why would he need encouragement? That chapter (captaincy) is already closed."

"Now you are playing only as a cricketer. So focus on that role because when you are the captain, you think about and worry about your mates. Once captaincy is over, it's time to focus on your own game," the legendary opener added.

He also reminded everyone that he also didn't get any special treatment after stepping down from the captaincy. There was no special message or call for him and it's normal. Gavaskar illustrated, "Now I left captaincy in 1985 after (B&H) World Championship of Cricket. That night we celebrated, and hugged each other but beyond that what else do you expect ?" 

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